Thanks for helping us get to 2000 subscribers!


Thanks to all our amazing fans who helped us get to 2000 subscribers yesterday!

We started our channel in March this year just for fun and we never thought that we’d get to 2000 subscribers so fast! We hope that we can one day make YouTube our full-time jobs, so thanks for all your support so far.

2000-subsIf you watch our videos, you’ll probably know that we’re in Amsterdam at the moment! However, if you missed it yesterday, here’s a special 2000 subscriber video for you guys just to say thanks for sticking with us!

How long do you think it’ll take us to get to 10k subscribers?! Leave us a comment below letting us know your guess and we’ll see who’s closest! We’re off to eat more delicious Dutch cakes!

Thanks for all the likes, comments and shares!

Love, Mark & Becky xxx