Competition time! WIN THREE FREE Amiibo!


The hunt for Amiibo is often long and harsh out there in the wilderness. We’ve had pre-orders cancelled, arrive damaged or just plain never arrive. It’s not that uncommon to see us order a wave from 2-3 different places, just to make sure we get any at all!

mark-becky-games-competitionTherefore, it’s not surprising that we often have doubles of new Amiibo waves, which were essentially our back-ups just in case we got screwed over again. But that’s where we can finally thank you guys for all the love you’ve shown us on YouTube lately!

Over on our Facebook page, we’re gonna be running a competition to give away Olimar, Bowser Jr. & Dr. Mario totally for free! All you have to do is like our post and share it to enter. The rest is down to RNG-esus!


IT’S COMPETITION TIME AGAIN! WIN Olimar, Bowser Jr AND Dr. Mario Amiibo! Just LIKE THIS PAGE & SHARE to enter. COMMENT WHEN DONE! Ends 30th August 2015.GOOD LUCK! We’ll gladly send worldwide.

Posted by Mark & Becky Games on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Thanks for sticking with us and good luck out there!


Mark & Becky xxx