5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life


5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life! As you all know, we’ve been playing Zelda Twilight Princess HD on our YouTube channel. This got me and Becky thinking about all the things Zelda has taught us over the years.

I mean, is Hyrule really that different to our own world? Well, apart from the fact that smashing pots is considered vandalism in our world, everything else is pretty much the same, right? So that’s why I’ve thought long and hard about the 5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life. So let’s not waste any more time… HYAAH!!

1. Never leave home without a sword.


You might be a child, but leaving your home town without a sword is almost as bad as leaving the house without your smartphone. After all, how is a kid supposed to save the world without a little aggravated assault along the way? Perhaps consider leaving it home for air travel and job interviews. Speaking of jobs…

2. Cutting grass is probably the best profession you could aspire to.

5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life heavy-breathing-cat-gif

Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees wasn’t exactly wrong, but they were clearly