REVIEW: Yoshi’s Woolly World


It seems like a while since Yoshi’s Woolly World¬†entered our lives, so it’s hard to believe that in certain parts of the world it still hasn’t been released yet!

yoshi's-woolly-worldHaving now taken a massive bite out of this vibrant yet cosy woolen adventure over on our YouTube channel, it’s time to give you guys the full Mark & Becky Games verdict!


  • This game is aesthetically mindblowing. It looks like Nintendo ate a rainbow and a woolly jumper for lunch but without the itching and leprechauns. Plus the yarn Yoshi Amiibo for the game are the best of any so far, without a doubt!
  • The music is catchier than most airbourne diseases and harder to get out of your head than accidentally seeing one of your parents naked (trust me).
  • The huge variation in levels ensures attention spans are never tested. Playing as regular yarn Yoshi is fun enough, but with little intermissions as a drilling mole, a mermaid, a plane or a bike, you’ll always be coming back for more! Let’s also not forget riding on seagulls or throwing baby chicks for clouds you can