REVIEW: Kirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush


Before this review begins, I’ve got two questions. Why was this game’s release in the UK and Australia delayed by 3 months? And why the hell was the name changed to Rainbow Paintbrush from Rainbow Curse? Is the word ‘curse’ too intense for my European ears?


“Good Heavens! I think I’ve just spilt my tea” I’d utter at the mere mention of the word ‘curse’. I mean, a curse word is American for swearing, so that makes the word ‘curse’ offensive, right? No wait, I think I’ve just confused myself more.

Perhaps this title was delayed due to the intense translation of the hundreds of pages of dialogue from Japanese into English? No wait, there’s less words in this game than most children’s books.

Accepting that we’ll never know any of the answers, let’s just get down to business. What do we really think of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Paintbrush?

So far, I’ve only attempted to play as Kirby and use the stylus once… right before rage quitting after two levels. As an avid gamer that’s stuck in my ways, I just can’t cope with having to use