How To Fix Guitar Hero Live Controller Problem on PS4 | UPDATED: 13/11/15


Having problems with your Guitar Hero Live detecting your guitar controller on Playstation 4? You’re not the only one. After opening my prized axe, I was disappointed to find that my PS4 seemingly wouldn’t detect it.

guitar-hero-live-controller-problemHere’s how to sync your guitar controller in the first place, if you’ve done it already, then you can skip this part until method one and two:

Make sure you’ve got the Bluetooth USB dongle inserted into one of the ports on your Playstation 4. Press the ‘on’ button on the controller so that the guitar LEDs flash slowly. Press it once again so that they flash quickly. Then press the small blue button on the USB dongle. You’ll know it worked because the guitar will stop flashing and just show one solid red LED.

If you’ve done all that and it still doesn’t detect the guitar controller in game, try pressing the ‘on’ button again. It should take you to the user selection screen on the Playstation 4 menu. This is just a simple test which means that your controller is correctly synced and the next two steps will most definitely resolve