Pre-order the Shovel Knight Amiibo! (UK)


Nobody was sure whether or not the rumours of a Shovel Knight Amiibo were true or not… but it’s certainly hard to deny now that you can pre-order it on Amazon!

This epic addition to your collection can be used with the captivating 8-bit retro game by Yacht Club Games, who licenced the Amiibo technology directly from Nintendo. It’ll be released in the UK on the 27th of November. Click the images below to pre-order them.


Using the Amiibo in game will allow you to play co-op with a friend, plus you’ll be able to level it up to unlock a bunch of new stuff. So what are you waiting for? Get yours before the scalpers get in there!

Are you getting this Amiibo? Would you like to see more third-party Amiibo in production from other game developers? Do you wanna see us play Shovel Knight over on our YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below!


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UK Pre-Order for Retro & Smash Mii Amiibo now live!

If you related to our last post, then chances are you’ll be interested in picking up the latest Wave 5 Amiibo! We can’t wait to get our hands on Mii Smash Brawler, Gunner, Sword Fighter, Duck Hunt Duo, Mr Game & Watch and R.O.B!

The UK pre-order goes live today, the 28th of August at 10am (BST), with the all of the Amiibo actually being released on September 25th. We personally can’t wait to see how these look in Yoshi’s Woolly World! You can pre-order all of them below from Amazon, are pretty good when it comes to shipping without damaging the packaging! If you can’t see the Amazon ad’s below because of AdBlock, then just click the photos of each Amiibo at the bottom of this post for links.

Which one is your favourite? We love the Duck Hunt Duo the most as that dog is just pure amazing! We’ll of course be unboxing all of these over on our YouTube channel and we can’t wait to get our hands on them! Now all that’s left is to wait for the Shovel Knight and Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo!


15 Things That Happen When You Collect Amiibo


1. You say you’re just going to buy one.


2. But you then quickly end up trying to collect ’em all.


3. Even the ones from games you’ve never heard of. From games you’ve never played.


4. Which is difficult when scalpers are involved.


5. And you’ve often even considered importing the rare ones from Japan.


6. But your wallet has suffered the most in the quest for Amiibo.


7. And when it comes to Amiibo, pre-orders aren’t even sacred anymore.


8. If you decide to unbox Amiibo, you’re often left with a slint hint of regret.



9. And you know you’re in deep when you have more Amiibo than friends.


10. But finally getting that Rosalina filled your heart with joy.


11. Until Nintendo announced a mass restock of even the rarest Amiibo…


12. …And they finally restocked all the rare ones, essentially making them all worthless.

nintendo-restocks-amiibo13. But that’s fine because you collect them out of love… right?


14. RIGHT?!


15. Just kidding, I REGRET NOTHING.


Did we miss any out? Leave us a comment below or message us on Facebook or Twitter letting us know your


Competition time! WIN THREE FREE Amiibo!


The hunt for Amiibo is often long and harsh out there in the wilderness. We’ve had pre-orders cancelled, arrive damaged or just plain never arrive. It’s not that uncommon to see us order a wave from 2-3 different places, just to make sure we get any at all!

mark-becky-games-competitionTherefore, it’s not surprising that we often have doubles of new Amiibo waves, which were essentially our back-ups just in case we got screwed over again. But that’s where we can finally thank you guys for all the love you’ve shown us on YouTube lately!

Over on our Facebook page, we’re gonna be running a competition to give away Olimar, Bowser Jr. & Dr. Mario totally for free! All you have to do is like our post and share it to enter. The rest is down to RNG-esus!


IT’S COMPETITION TIME AGAIN! WIN Olimar, Bowser Jr AND Dr. Mario Amiibo! Just LIKE THIS PAGE & SHARE to enter. COMMENT WHEN DONE! Ends 30th August 2015.GOOD LUCK! We’ll gladly send worldwide.

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