Nintendo 3DS Capture Card Wars! Katsukity vs Merki/Loopy

Katsukity vs Merki/Loopy's Nintendo 3DS Capture Card

Deciding whether to get a Nintendo 3DS Capture Card from Katsukity in Japan or Merki in Germany/Loopy in the USA? Considering I’ve got both, I’d say I’m a good judge to advise you before making your purchase. So let’s put them head-to-head… Katsukity vs Merki/Loopy!


Before we get started, let’s just clarify before things get confusing. Merki is a European distributor of Loopy’s Nintendo 3DS Capture card, so whenever I mention Merki, you can happily replace that name with Loopy if you’re in the USA. Essentially, they’re the same capture card, just from different parts of the world for convenience of shipping.

So why on Earth would you buy two Nintendo 3DS capture cards in two different devices you might ask? Well, spoiler alert: my Katsukity Nintendo 3DS card recently died. After 6 months of let’s plays and live streaming on Twitch TV, my Katsukity Nintendo 3DS totally flatlined on me. My PC no longer detects it correctly, it only ever shows up as an ‘Unknown USB Device’ and I’ve tried everything to fix it without any change. It’s dead. RIP. I learned the hard way that