REVIEW: Yoshi’s Woolly World


It seems like a while since Yoshi’s Woolly World entered our lives, so it’s hard to believe that in certain parts of the world it still hasn’t been released yet!

yoshi's-woolly-worldHaving now taken a massive bite out of this vibrant yet cosy woolen adventure over on our YouTube channel, it’s time to give you guys the full Mark & Becky Games verdict!


  • This game is aesthetically mindblowing. It looks like Nintendo ate a rainbow and a woolly jumper for lunch but without the itching and leprechauns. Plus the yarn Yoshi Amiibo for the game are the best of any so far, without a doubt!
  • The music is catchier than most airbourne diseases and harder to get out of your head than accidentally seeing one of your parents naked (trust me).
  • The huge variation in levels ensures attention spans are never tested. Playing as regular yarn Yoshi is fun enough, but with little intermissions as a drilling mole, a mermaid, a plane or a bike, you’ll always be coming back for more! Let’s also not forget riding on seagulls or throwing baby chicks for clouds you can walk on! How the hell do they even come up with stuff?
  • Co-op is ridiculous fun. Unlike games like Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, it’s great that both players are equally useful (or equally useless!) and it makes play a little more dynamic.


  • It’s not the most challenging game you’ll ever encounter. I mean… you basically have infinite lives… and that’s not even on mellow mode! On a scale of Animal Crossing to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, it’s certainly not going to have you tearing your hair out anytime soon. Which leads to my next gripe…
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World relies too much on it’s player being a completionist. If you don’t intend on collecting all 5 flowers, all 5 yarns, all the gems for stamps and finishing the levels with full lives (and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to) then this game will be over pretty quickly. If you do decide to collect them all, on every level, then this game is challenging but also incredibly frustrating. Plus this type of play basically encourages you to constantly walk into walls just to test if it’s a secret passage… so enjoy headbutting walls for 90% of this game.

So there you have it! All in all, there’s far more to praise about this game than complain about. In some ways, I sort of enjoy the hunt for the ridiculous amount of collectibles, sort of like how I obsessively caught all 151 Pokemon back in the day. But if I lose my mind doing it, please someone turn off the console for me.

What did you think of Yoshi’s Wooly World? Write a comment below or message us on Facebook or Twitter. If it’s not out in your country yet, make sure you check out our YouTube playthrough! 8.5/10