5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life


5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life! As you all know, we’ve been playing Zelda Twilight Princess HD on our YouTube channel. This got me and Becky thinking about all the things Zelda has taught us over the years.

I mean, is Hyrule really that different to our own world? Well, apart from the fact that smashing pots is considered vandalism in our world, everything else is pretty much the same, right? So that’s why I’ve thought long and hard about the 5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life. So let’s not waste any more time… HYAAH!!

1. Never leave home without a sword.


You might be a child, but leaving your home town without a sword is almost as bad as leaving the house without your smartphone. After all, how is a kid supposed to save the world without a little aggravated assault along the way? Perhaps consider leaving it home for air travel and job interviews. Speaking of jobs…

2. Cutting grass is probably the best profession you could aspire to.

5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life heavy-breathing-cat-gif

Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees wasn’t exactly wrong, but they were clearly looking in the wrong place. Everyone who’s played Zelda knows that money grows in grass! So why not consider starting your own lawn mowing service? You’ll be getting paid to cut the grass but also, picking up rupees from the grass. How has nobody thought of this before?

3. Consider investing in locks for your doors.


Whilst you might think you live in a nice safe suburb with friendly neighbours, how much do you really trust that weird kid with a vendetta against pottery? Getting a nice secure lock on your door will at least protect your family heirlooms from pot sadists, or at least force them to turn into a wolf and dig their way into your house instead.

4. Never mess with chickens.


If you haven’t considered becoming a vegetarian before, then now might be a good time. As we all know, chickens are an aggressive breed that roam in flocks of a thousand or more. When in danger, they will summon comrades that will gladly fight to the death to protect their fellow friends from becoming a bargain bucket. Consider calling Colonel Sanders if you’re foolish enough to try and kill one, as he is one of the world’s best chicken wranglers.

5. Playing a certain song in the right place yields results.


It’s 3am, the party is dying down and people are starting to sober up/fall asleep. But what can you do to breathe life back into the party? If Zelda has taught us anything, it’s that playing the right song at the right time can achieve amazing results. You grab the iPod and put on ‘Uptown Funk’ and everyone is instantly reinvigorated. “Great song” one of the attendees drunkenly slurs in your general direction. Your job here is done.

So there you have it, all of the 5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life. Is there anything we missed out? What has Zelda taught YOU about real life over the years? Leave us a comment below! Don’t forget to check out our playthrough of Zelda Twilight Princess HD on our YouTube channel and join us in Hyrule!


Mark & Becky xxx