How To Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 6 Steps! Updated 10/2016


So you want to know how to start a YouTube gaming channel? Well, if you’re gonna be as popular PewDiePie one day, you’ve gotta start somewhere, even if that is at 0 subscribers.

All in all, you’ve got a long road ahead of you and an even longer shopping list, so you had better get reading. With the new YouTube gaming streaming service up and running, now is definitely the time to start investing in your career creating YouTube let’s plays or streaming. Whether you’re a star gamer, a girl gamer or a casual gamer, let us show you how to start a YouTube gaming channel in 6 steps!

1. Choose your weapon! HD Capture Cards.

its-dangerous-zelda-capture-card-how-to-start-a-youtube-gaming-channelWhen it comes to capture cards for recording your gaming footage directly from a console (be it Wii U, Xbox One or Playstation 4), your choices are pretty limited. There’s only two players worth mentioning, Elgato and AverMedia and then one question: internal or external? Some capture cards go right into the guts of your computer (inside the case) and some are no-brainer USB plug and play. Due to the nature of USB latency, I’d always recommend you install one directly inside your computer but if this isn’t possible then USB will do the job. These handy pieces of kit can record footage from any console or PC and they’re integral if you want to start a YouTube gaming channel. Here’s your choices:


External (USB)

2. Here’s looking at you, kid. Grab a facecam.

pokemon-webcam-live-streamHere’s a big secret that’s so obvious, it pains me to say it: YouTube is all about YOU. Only if you’re the Korean #1 World Grandmaster of a particular game will people watch an unknown person sit in silence and play a video game. People want to get to know you, have fun and engage with you and if you want to start a successful YouTube gaming channel, it’s hard to do that when we can’t even see your face. Something as simple as a webcam works wonders so choose wisely.

3. Drop the mic! Get some audio recording equipment.

microphone-headset-live-streamApply the same logic as above apart from the fact that this one is mandatory. Whilst a camera will definitely help you engage with your viewers, some popular YouTube gamers have got on just fine without it (though we’d still recommend you get one). However, nobody has ever gotten by in YouTube gaming without a good mic or headset, so speak up! Whilst your webcam can also record decent sound, the difference in quality of sound is incomparable.

A headset with built in microphone is a good option, as you don’t want in-game sound leaking into your voice audio (as it’ll already be recorded by capture footage) and the mic won’t pick up anything other than your voice. Sadly, with two of us, the headset route isn’t viable, but for one person, it’s perfect.



4. How are you going to edit & render your videos?

sony-vegas-edit-videosSo you’ve recorded your gaming footage from your capture card, your facecam footage from your webcam and your audio from your mic/headset. You’ve got all the separate components to make your first video and start a YouTube gaming channel, but now what?

  • If you’ve recorded all your footage in separate files, you’ll need powerful video editing software to put it all together: we use Sony Vegas. It allows you to be creative and use your editing skills to create weird remixes, mash-ups and funny moments that maintain your viewer’s attention.
  • However, you can also use streaming software like XSplit or OBS to record webcam, gaming footage and audio all at once. The choice is yours.

5. Be an Adobe Photoshop Ninja.

photoshop-ninjaIf you’re really serious about starting a YouTube gaming channel or getting into streaming as a career then you definitely should know your way around Adobe Photoshop or equivalent software. You’ll need this to make attractive thumbnails (which, apart from the title, is the only thing to entice viewers to watch) YouTube channel art and social media logos. If your channel looks like it was made on MS Paint, it’s gonna be a little difficult to convince people to take you seriously!

6. Be awesome and upload regular content!

be-awesome-at-youtube-lets-plays-how-to-start-a-youtube-gaming-channelYou may now have all the tech and know-how, but if you’re not likeable, charismatic and fun to be around, you can’t expect people to want to invest their time with you every day. Be high-energy, but not annoying, confident, not cocky, be natural and show your love for games. Hell, even I’ll subscribe to you then! Don’t forget to upload regular, consistent content every day too.

If this guide helped you to start a YouTube gaming channel then please let us know! We’d love to give you a shout-out or link to you here on our website if you’re taking it seriously and pumping out awesome content. Write in the comments below if we missed anything or any products and good luck with your new channel 🙂


Mark & Becky xxx

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