Splatoon Weapon Tips & Tricks: How to use the Carbon Roller Deco.


The Carbon Roller Deco is still the same old Carbon Roller you know and love. It’s got the ability to splat enemies at lightning speed before they even know what’s hit them… but without the burst bombs and Inkzooka. Instead you’re picking up the seeker as a sub and a seeker bomb rush as your special. But is it an improvement or a downgrade?

Firstly, things can get pretty hairy when you’re relying on seekers and using a roller. Given such a short splash range with the Carbon Roller Deco, it’s tempting to stick around when you may have otherwise run, instead opting to bridge the gap by firing a seeker at your foe. But betting with your life that said seeker will ever reach it’s target (or even bother to lock-on for that matter) is not a particularly wise move.

A seeker goes through an enemy and detonates on the wall behind. Great.

Call it lag or poor aim, but sometimes a seeker will just straight-up glide right past your enemy (even when it seems like it’s locked on) only to explode on an innocent wall 30 feet away… and that’s not even mentioning how easy they are to avoid to begin with. Turning into a squid in your own ink will cause the seeker to just continue in a straight line and lose it’s target, taking a sharp turn will most likely mean it hits an obstacle and let’s not forget that you can just freakin’ jump over it. I can’t count the times I’ve given away my advantageous position to fire a seeker, only to have the enemy easily dodge it, then kill me as they now know exactly where I am.

Oh, and without a few ink-saver subs, you’ll likely only get off one seeker and one to two roller splashes before you’re fresh out of ink. Is it really worth trading the mobility of splash bombs that come with a traditional Carbon Roller for the Carbon Roller Deco?

But let’s not forget that the whole allure of the Carbon Roller Deco is the bomb rush special with seekers (the first weapon in Splatoon to have this, if I’m not mistaken). I’m certainly not denying the ‘godmode’ feeling I get when firing a billion seekers into the enemy splat zone, but unlike the suction bomb rush for example, the results are always somewhat anti-climactic. At best, it’ll force enemies out of the area, but that won’t overly stop them from claiming back the splat zone just as quickly as you covered it. You’ll be lucky if any lock-on to foes in the vicinity and even luckier if they actually reach them and kill them.

An enemy effortlessly hops a seeker.

Unless you’re playing on a map that favours straight paths (there aren’t many), you may find that half your special is lost on the nearest wall or minor obstacle. After that, you’re just essentially relying on someone running into your linear, predictable, not-locked-on seeker. To be honest, other specials such as suction bomb rush, Inkstrike or even Inkzooka clear out an area just as well, if not better than a seeker bomb rush. They’re also more versatile and can be used in more situations – using a seeker bomb rush in someones face for example will just see seekers all fly off in every direction whilst the enemy shrugs you off as an easy kill.

The reality is that seekers just aren’t that versatile and don’t compliment a roller like they do with other guns. Having an inkzooka on the regular Carbon Roller compensates for it’s naturally piss-poor range and acts as an ‘oh shit’ button which may let you surprise an enemy before they realised they just got Inkzooka sniped by a roller. Having Kraken on the Krak-On Splat Roller allows you to escape or attack when you’re caught at mid-range and would have otherwise died. As for seeker bomb rush and the Carbon Roller Deco? I’m just not convinced.

Top Carbon Roller Deco Tips:

  • Get to the top of a ramp with your Carbon Roller Deco and splash paint/constantly fire seekers down it. You’ll easily secure and hold an entire area and the seekers will prevent anyone from approaching.
  • Only use the Carbon Roller Deco’s seeker sub defensively, or to follow the path of paint it leaves. Your ink is more efficiently spent on covering ground and getting kills.
  • Use the seeker bomb rush special to secure splat zones, protect your rainmaker, or quickly burst the rainmaker bubble.
  • Use the seeker bomb rush in open areas as they’ll be wasted on walls, rails and other obstacles otherwise.
  • The weapon shines best on maps with linear paths ie. Walleye Warehouse or to a lesser extent, Moray Towers.