How To Fix Guitar Hero Live Controller Problem on PS4 | UPDATED: 13/11/15


Having problems with your Guitar Hero Live detecting your guitar controller on Playstation 4? You’re not the only one. After opening my prized axe, I was disappointed to find that my PS4 seemingly wouldn’t detect it.

guitar-hero-live-controller-problemHere’s how to sync your guitar controller in the first place, if you’ve done it already, then you can skip this part until method one and two:

Make sure you’ve got the Bluetooth USB dongle inserted into one of the ports on your Playstation 4. Press the ‘on’ button on the controller so that the guitar LEDs flash slowly. Press it once again so that they flash quickly. Then press the small blue button on the USB dongle. You’ll know it worked because the guitar will stop flashing and just show one solid red LED.

If you’ve done all that and it still doesn’t detect the guitar controller in game, try pressing the ‘on’ button again. It should take you to the user selection screen on the Playstation 4 menu. This is just a simple test which means that your controller is correctly synced and the next two steps will most definitely resolve your problem.

If like me, you’re stuck at the ‘Press Any Button On Guitar Controller’ screen then use the following steps to fix it:

Method One

  1. Disable the Internet on your PS4. (It’s in Settings > Network > Internet, just untick it.)
  2. Go back into Guitar Hero Live. Problem solved. If not, try method two.

Method Two

  1. Turn off your PS4. Do not turn it on using your controller. Turn on the console using the button on the console itself.
  2. Navigate to open Guitar Hero Live using the Guitar controller. The small knob can be tilted in all directions to move the cursor and you can press X by pressing button 1 on the guitar controller.

It’s as simple as that. After going back onto the Guitar Hero Live ‘Press Any Button On Guitar Controller’ screen, it may still be unresponsive for a second or two. But after spamming a few buttons and giving it a few seconds to get into gear, it worked fine and I had no problems from then on.

Please let me know if this resolved your problem by leaving a Facebook comment below and be sure to share this page with anybody who’s experiencing the same problem. It’s an absolute joke that a game can be released with nobody noticing such an obvious bug, but apparently, rock stars aren’t allowed the Internet!

If you’re into let’s plays then be sure to watch me and Becky play Guitar Hero Live over on our YouTube channel, or watch the video embedded below. Keep on rockin’ guys!



  • Karate_Andi

    Hey! I had the same problem, but simply turning off the internet did’t work for me, but I found another way. So I think the problem is connecting the dual shock 3 before the guitar. What I did is instead of connecting the dualshock 3 to browse the ps4 menu, use your smartphone, then connect the guitar, then, via your smartphone, go to network settings and turn of the internet. That actually disconnects your smartphone and the guitar becomes your first controller, with which you are now able to scroll through the menu and access the game as it should be anyways. That always works for me!

    • Mark Wood

      I didn’t know you could use your smartphone to do this, thanks for the tip!

    • Kate Aurora Fern

      Yes! So far so good.

      Just don’t use the fuel shock controller.


      But at least I know now! Thanks!! I was about to go rock n roll and smash this guitar controller to pieces and throw my tv out the window.

  • Gerardo Guevara

    I can start to play but about 5 or 10 minutes the guitar stops working, I turned off and on several times without success, only way to get into the game again is restarting the ps4 but for another 5 or 10 minutes and lost communication again, do you have any clue to solve this problem?

  • Alex Fischer

    none of these work for me. all hitting the ‘on’ button does is make the leds flash quickly again and then disconnect me.

    i really need help on getting this to work. it stays connected for about 30 secs then disconnects and connects again. anyone know how to fix this?

  • GeishaGhoul

    Having the same issue, connects for 30 seconds of I’m lucky.

  • Anibal Jodorcovsky

    I just got this game for father’s day. Does not work. The same issue as tons of other people are complaining. I’m just close to returning the game altogether unless I can find a solution to this. I tried both steps above and nothing. All I get is “PRESS ANY BUTTON ON GUITAR CONTROLLER” and the only button that does anything is the sync button.

  • Annie Lacey

    Thanks. This worked once I realised I had to put the usb stick in port 1 lol
    Just saying, in case anyone else is as dozy as me!

  • Ha Ali

    me i have another problem, when i hit the strum only, it works but when i click on a guitar black or white button and on the strum, it does nothing, PLZ HELP ME