Nintendo 3DS Capture Card Wars! Katsukity vs Merki/Loopy

Katsukity vs Merki/Loopy's Nintendo 3DS Capture Card

Deciding whether to get a Nintendo 3DS Capture Card from Katsukity in Japan or Merki in Germany/Loopy in the USA? Considering I’ve got both, I’d say I’m a good judge to advise you before making your purchase. So let’s put them head-to-head… Katsukity vs Merki/Loopy!


Before we get started, let’s just clarify before things get confusing. Merki is a European distributor of Loopy’s Nintendo 3DS Capture card, so whenever I mention Merki, you can happily replace that name with Loopy if you’re in the USA. Essentially, they’re the same capture card, just from different parts of the world for convenience of shipping.

So why on Earth would you buy two Nintendo 3DS capture cards in two different devices you might ask? Well, spoiler alert: my Katsukity Nintendo 3DS card recently died. After 6 months of let’s plays and live streaming on Twitch TV, my Katsukity Nintendo 3DS totally flatlined on me. My PC no longer detects it correctly, it only ever shows up as an ‘Unknown USB Device’ and I’ve tried everything to fix it without any change. It’s dead. RIP. I learned the hard way that 


REVIEW: Yoshi’s Woolly World


It seems like a while since Yoshi’s Woolly World entered our lives, so it’s hard to believe that in certain parts of the world it still hasn’t been released yet!

yoshi's-woolly-worldHaving now taken a massive bite out of this vibrant yet cosy woolen adventure over on our YouTube channel, it’s time to give you guys the full Mark & Becky Games verdict!


  • This game is aesthetically mindblowing. It looks like Nintendo ate a rainbow and a woolly jumper for lunch but without the itching and leprechauns. Plus the yarn Yoshi Amiibo for the game are the best of any so far, without a doubt!
  • The music is catchier than most airbourne diseases and harder to get out of your head than accidentally seeing one of your parents naked (trust me).
  • The huge variation in levels ensures attention spans are never tested. Playing as regular yarn Yoshi is fun enough, but with little intermissions as a drilling mole, a mermaid, a plane or a bike, you’ll always be coming back for more! Let’s also not forget riding on seagulls or throwing baby chicks for clouds you can

REVIEW: Splatoon


I’ve never had a good relationship with console FPS games in the past. Popular ‘brofests’ such as Halo and Call of Duty never did a whole lot for me… especially when considering how clunky aiming is with analogue sticks when compared to a good ol’ mouse and keyboard. But I hoped Splatoon would change all this.

splatoon_box_artBeing the first original Nintendo franchise in a decade and a half (no, really), I received my copy of Splatoon and all three Amiibos with high hopes. Could Nintendo do the same for shoot ’em ups as they did for the racing genre with Mario Kart? Here’s the low-down:


  • The gyroscopic controls are a Godsend for console shooters… just be prepared to feel like you’re using a dinner plate to control your own head movements until it becomes second nature.
  • Online games are quick with little downtime. I’ve got a lot of experience playing CounterStrike 1.5 back in the day, and probably spent at least 40% of my time dead and waiting to respawn in the next round. In Splatoon, you’ll respawn in about 3 seconds flat and can even jump to

REVIEW: Kirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush


Before this review begins, I’ve got two questions. Why was this game’s release in the UK and Australia delayed by 3 months? And why the hell was the name changed to Rainbow Paintbrush from Rainbow Curse? Is the word ‘curse’ too intense for my European ears?


“Good Heavens! I think I’ve just spilt my tea” I’d utter at the mere mention of the word ‘curse’. I mean, a curse word is American for swearing, so that makes the word ‘curse’ offensive, right? No wait, I think I’ve just confused myself more.

Perhaps this title was delayed due to the intense translation of the hundreds of pages of dialogue from Japanese into English? No wait, there’s less words in this game than most children’s books.

Accepting that we’ll never know any of the answers, let’s just get down to business. What do we really think of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Paintbrush?

So far, I’ve only attempted to play as Kirby and use the stylus once… right before rage quitting after two levels. As an avid gamer that’s stuck in my ways, I just can’t cope with having to use