6 Ways To Stay Sane Until Pokemon Sun & Moon Is Released In Europe


We all knew that the time would come. We’ve all seen the dates in the Pokemon Sun & Moon trailers. November 18th, November 18th, November 18th, November 18th. With less than 24 hours to go until the 18th, Pokemon Sun & Moon will soon be upon us. Unless you live in Europe of course.

“Enjoy holding your breath for an extra five days until the 23rd you European scumbags” an exec at Nintendo muttered as he ate a croissant and sipped his Earl Grey tea. That’s right, for no reason, us Europeans have to wait an extra five days until Pokemon Sun & Moon is released for absolutely no reason other than “because you just do”. So whilst you cry yourself to sleep tonight, here’s six things to keep you sane whilst the rest of the world is playing Pokemon Sun & Moon without you…

1. Play an old Pokemon game.

6 Ways To Stay Sane Until Pokemon Sun & Moon Is Released In Europe

Much like someone who’s drinking a non-alcoholic beer because they’re driving, you bravely try to fool yourself into thinking you’re still enjoying the process. Yet the only thing that destroys this illusion is the fact that everyone else around


5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life


5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life! As you all know, we’ve been playing Zelda Twilight Princess HD on our YouTube channel. This got me and Becky thinking about all the things Zelda has taught us over the years.

I mean, is Hyrule really that different to our own world? Well, apart from the fact that smashing pots is considered vandalism in our world, everything else is pretty much the same, right? So that’s why I’ve thought long and hard about the 5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life. So let’s not waste any more time… HYAAH!!

1. Never leave home without a sword.


You might be a child, but leaving your home town without a sword is almost as bad as leaving the house without your smartphone. After all, how is a kid supposed to save the world without a little aggravated assault along the way? Perhaps consider leaving it home for air travel and job interviews. Speaking of jobs…

2. Cutting grass is probably the best profession you could aspire to.

5 Things Zelda Taught Me About Real Life heavy-breathing-cat-gif

Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees wasn’t exactly wrong, but they were clearly


5 Things Super Mario Maker Taught Me About Level Design


On the 11th of September, 2015, Super Mario Maker marked 30 years since Mario first came into our lives in all his pixelated glory. It was the first time we got to see Super Mario Bros from a different angle: as a level designer, not just a player.

Despite it’s undeniable awesomeness, Super Mario is pretty simple as a gaming concept, right? One button to sprint, one to jump. Get power-ups, don’t fall down holes or get hit by enemies. Yet with the release of Super Mario Maker, it looks like there is still a few things we could learn about this gaming classic after all…

1. Designing levels is harder than it looks.


A few blocks here… fifty Goombas here. What’s the problem? Oh, that’s right, this is now the worst level ever! It’s very easy to underestimate the immense level of thinking, creativity and planning that goes into even the most simplistic of levels. Take Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. for example. Think about pacing, breadcrumbs and how the level introduces you to scenarios and mechanics that will help you later on in the level. If


15 Things That Happen When You Collect Amiibo


1. You say you’re just going to buy one.


2. But you then quickly end up trying to collect ’em all.


3. Even the ones from games you’ve never heard of. From games you’ve never played.


4. Which is difficult when scalpers are involved.


5. And you’ve often even considered importing the rare ones from Japan.


6. But your wallet has suffered the most in the quest for Amiibo.


7. And when it comes to Amiibo, pre-orders aren’t even sacred anymore.


8. If you decide to unbox Amiibo, you’re often left with a slint hint of regret.



9. And you know you’re in deep when you have more Amiibo than friends.


10. But finally getting that Rosalina filled your heart with joy.


11. Until Nintendo announced a mass restock of even the rarest Amiibo…


12. …And they finally restocked all the rare ones, essentially making them all worthless.

nintendo-restocks-amiibo13. But that’s fine because you collect them out of love… right?


14. RIGHT?!


15. Just kidding, I REGRET NOTHING.


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