Mark & Becky Games was started by two British gamers who bloody love Nintendo. We don’t take it seriously, we don’t care about being the best, we just wanna have a laugh.

Mark Becky Games NintendoIt all started in Summer 2012 when I forced Bex to play Resident Evil 5 on PS3 (which is a pretty terrible game, I can assure you) but absolutely hilarious as co-op. I quickly lost count of the amount of times Bex let me die while she hid in the corner, forgetting that the game was over if I died.

From then on, I actually found it pretty tough to play any games that weren’t co-op and made Bex my number one player two from that day forward. I sadly found that most games consoles frown on local co-op unless you want to play FIFA (which I haven’t desired to since FIFA 98 on MegaDrive) so our gaming sessions remained pretty sparse for the next few years.

In 2014, I eventually found that Nintendo were pretty welcoming to co-op gaming and bought a Wii U with Mario Kart 8 the very next day. Being the first Nintendo console I’d purchased since Gamecube, it felt nice to be back in the world of Nintendo.

So we decided to leave the house today. Just wanted to say thanks to all our subscribers, we ❤️ u long time!

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We eventually agreed on letting the rest of the world be a fly on the wall during our gaming sessions, which always had hilarious results. Despite Bex’s lack of interest in gaming since Crash Bandicoot 3, she still has no reservations about telling me I’m rubbish, despite the six years I spent honing my skills on Counter-Strike 1.3/1.5, World of Warcraft and Starcraft. Don’t worry, I’m used to this type of treatment and once threw her to her doom on Super Mario 3D World simply out of spite.

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